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 -= Dj Intense =-

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-= Dj Intense =- Empty
PostSubject: -= Dj Intense =-   -= Dj Intense =- EmptySun Jan 11, 2009 4:37 pm

Dj Name: Intense
Location: Sydney, Australia
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Interests: Live mixing, mash-ups, bootlegs and da shiznit!
Dj Type: Underground
Djing Period: 1998 to present
Dj Gear: 2 x Technics 1200sl , numark 9000 mixer, Cerato.
PC/Notebook spec: Intel P4 1.6GHZ, 2GB memory, 100 GIG HDD, 128Mb video card,
Software: (for djing/remixing)
Fruity Loops, Virtual Turntables, Ableton Live, Cool Edit
Preferred format (vinyl/cd/mp3/wav/aac): Vinyl, CD and Mp3
Genre: Hiphop, RnB, Electro, Funky House, Progressive House.
Birth Date: Some day in the 80's
Residencies: None (for the moment)
Favorite Album: Linkin Park - Meteora
Favorite Film: Big Trouble in Little China
Favorite DJ: Moto
Favorite piece of Gear: Cerato
Thoughts on the Future of Digital Djing:
What would i be if i wasnt a dj? IT
Multiply: N/A
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-= Dj Intense =-
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